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What is generalized anxiety?

Excessive and Uncontrollable worry occurring more days than not for several months. The worry is associated with several of the following symptoms:

Anxiety Disorder Symptoms

What causes generalized anxiety?

Childhood experiences associated with generalized anxiety in adulthood include:

Processes involved in Generalized Anxiety

  1. Worried and overprotective parents: Children interpret parental worry to signify that the world is a dangerous place. As adults, they try to protect themselves by attempting to control their environment.
  2. Fear of abandonment: Research suggests that individuals who become worriers are more likely to have lost a parent before the age of 16. Adults who are chronic worriers have difficulty believing that others could be trusted to take care of their needs.
  3. Parents dismissed emotions: These individuals become fearful of intense emotions. As adults, they are more likely to worry about events which may provoke strong emotions.

How can CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) help for generalized anxiety?

Anxiety Disorder Treatment Montreal

If generalized anxiety in Montreal is causing distress, our Montreal Psychologist can help.

CBT can help you to:

Approximately 75% of individuals suffering from generalized anxiety can be helped with a comprehensive approach to therapy based on the most recent scientific knowledge in Montreal.