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Montreal Therapists & Psychologist

The Montreal psychologists at our Center are trained to provide therapy which has been scientifically proven to be effective. Our psychologists in Montreal are highly skilled in a combination of the best available forms of therapy including:

MONTREAL PSYCHOLOGY CENTER - Certified Psychologists

Cognitive Behavioural
Therapy (CBT)

First, CBT is a therapy approach which focuses on current problems helping you achieve your goals in a timely manner. Results can be experienced in just a few sessions and more firmly integrated in 10-12 sessions. CBT is based on the notion that how we FEEL, is related to how we THINK and how we BEHAVE. Therefore, clients are taught to improve how they feel by learning skills that help them become aware and then change thoughts and behaviours causing their specific problem.

MONTREAL PSYCHOLOGY CENTER - Certified Psychologists

Acceptance & Commitment
Therapy (ACT)

Second, ACT is a therapy approach helping the client to let go or accept what cannot be changed while refocusing or committing to new goals. It focuses on both working through and letting go of the emotional root causing current problems AND teaching strategies to help you build the life that you want.

MONTREAL PSYCHOLOGY CENTER - Certified Psychologists

Positive Psychology

Lastly, Positive Psychology focuses on self-development and happiness rather than on changing or accepting what is problematic. Clients are taught to identify and understand their emotions and to build happiness.

Consulting Psychology Therapy Services at Montreal Psychology Center

If you are looking for therapy services in Montreal proven to be effective, in a compassionate environment and with the guidance of PhD psychologists committed to helping, please contact us.